Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical Engineering Services

EMI Devices has the capability and experience to assist with new product development efforts from the conceptual design phase to production launch. We offer a broad range of mechanical design services along with analytical (FEA) support.

Design for low cost and high-volume production is our expertise. Our goal is to provide high quality engineering design services to help our customers achieve the best-optimized and cost-effective product designs.

If you need mechanical engineering expertise support with your product development efforts, please contact EMI Devices with a description of your needs.

Electronic Enclosure Cooling

  • Natural Convection Analysis
  • Forced Convection Analysis
  • Cooling Fan Selection
  • Heatsink Design

Shock & Vibration Isolation

  • Shock & Vibration Analysis
  • Shock Mount Design
  • Shock Isolation System Design

Design Reviews

  • Specification Development
  • Tolerance Stack-up Analysis
  • Process Capability Assessment

Mechanical Design

  • EMI/ESD Shielding
  • Interconnect Solutions
  • Injection Molded Components
  • Sheetmetal Components